My name is Stephan Dilly and I am a software developer. I am currently working for Funatics Software, a game developer studio based in Germany.

I started programming when I was around 12. That time it was hardly anything else than toying around with Delphi (Object Pascal) and trying to impress friends with little games.
Since Computer Science was not a class in school and books were expensive I had to self educate using all what was on the internet. I taught myself C++ and how to use OpenGL and DirectX to gain the most out of my hardware.

Soon after I started my Bachelor degree I found a job at Funatics Software and dived right into development of my first professional title, a classic remake of The Settlers.
Right now I am responsible for the server behind the successful browser game Cultures Online. It is a browser game based on Flash. Even though I’ve implemented a few things on the client side, my main work went into the highly parallel server logic.

Professional work (games)

[2010 – present] CulturesOnline (link)

[2009 – 2010] Twenty4Fun (unreleased)

[2008] Tom Clancy’s Endwar (PSP / NDS) (link)

[2008] Siedler – Aufbruch der Kulturen (link)

Professional work

[2010] Formcard

This was a contract work for Vulkan. I developed a user friendly application used to convert and store complex archived data.

Private work

GalaxyCrusade was a student project. It is a 2D multiplayer space shooter. I was the lead programmer in a team of five.

BCD is an IDE for the D programming language. I have written it in a time when there were hardly any alternatives like VisualD and DDT for Eclipse today.

I was such fan of Doom when I was young that my first DirectX featured game was a 2D remake of the classic. I was around 13 years old back then.

This was my very first game. I must have been 12 when writing it. I just mention it because I think one sometimes has to remember the roots when they are the foundation of a whole career like this.