Twitter tool “followsme” to track unfollows

A little while ago I started a little tool for my own convenience called “followsme”. It is written in Typescript1 and runs under nodejs2. You can use it to watch a twitter account for new followers and ones who stopped following it. The reason I wrote it was the fact that tools providing unfollow tracking tend to be expensive. Ok and for the fun of it 😉

The tool polls the list of followers of the given account on a regular basis and compares to previous lists to find out what changed.

So here is the code for every one to use:

Some drawbacks:

  • You will need an Twitter App API Account to use the code. You have to fill in your credentials in the account.js file.
  • Don’t use it on accounts with more than a couple of thousand followers. The Twitter API is too limited (see rate-limit3 in the docs) to process this quick enough and I was too lazy to implement fancy chunked processing (I tried Obamas Twitter Account.. don’t do that^^). 

This is the how a followsme report looks like:

Followsme report

  1. Typescript []
  2. NodeJs []
  3. Twitter API rate-limits docs []

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